Friday, 6 January 2012

Stormy Fears

Stormy fears-worries about the future but also anxieties of the past, always there haunting like a ghost.
Those three paintings also reflect on pain and being stuck in  roaring thunder of emotions good and bad. 
I feel like I got to the point where I found my own language. It makes me happy as I found my special way of washing  "..the dust of everyday life", leaving peace and balance until the next time. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Pulsed Away

Pulsed away is a very special piece to me and it reflects on the most amazing emotions, I call it the highest heights , it is very hard for me to describe and that is why I do painting, not writing.

In terms of its aesthetic values piece is balanced  and pleasing. 

Fetching Water

              Here I am fetching water, refreshing my soul and mind, back to colours. When I look at those pieces it feels like a summer rain is about to water dry and burning desert. It feels good. 
Each piece is on 300gsm textured paper which gave some interesting effect, also it seems that acrylics are behaving much better on this particular surface, when with the canvas I had to applied much more paint to gain the same level of vibrancy in colour. 
I also feel like I grown in my individual understanding of emotion, its expressions and painting itself. It is very rewarding feeling and I shall continue. 


 "Lake" was designed mostly for the recovery of good emotions and to express my desire for something fresh, energetic and relaxing. Once I finished the pieces I realized they both look like taken from the landscape of lakes and gardens. I love being surrounded by nature, there is no better way of recharging my batteries than secluding myself from the world of machine, technology and grey globalization and running into the wild.
So there I was, leaving darkens far behind and jumping into a fresh water and flower bloom of escapism. 
Thanks to the last project I realized that it is very interesting to have a couple of paintings reflecting on the same matter. Guess, bit of narrative application is good solution to emotionally expressive paintings. It seems to gives more clues to a viewer. 


"Goodbye" is a very personal painting as it was created in a respect and memory of family member. His sudden death caused much pain, sadness and anxiety. The above painting on the top  left was my instant expression on how I felt when I found out of what happened. The only way to described the state of me and everyone effected  was to compare it to a demolished building, broken structure caused by explosion. 
When I came back to it after the funeral  I realized that life must go and we have to carry on no mater what and to state that I created reproduction of the first painting but with a new structure, new buildings in the background.