Emotion in Cast

This project is designed to look at characteristic, structures and physical identity of persons face.
 Next I want to  create 3D pieces by casting my models faces and attaching it onto the canvas. 

I am using a mod rock to cast face and same material to go over whole canvas so the texture stays the same. 

the whole process is a bit time consuming but I am happy with experiment and would like to do a little set of different models. Maybe 3-5, using different sizes of canvas but still mod rock.

Down bellow I created a little set putting one of the mask into a context. Images are reflecting on loneliness, sadness, isolation but also hope and patience. 

Here I tried to applied a bit of colour in use of computer, thinking my next project will be in full colour.

Cast of my own face. Very interesting experience, bit painful and frustrating when taking off..

Mask itself 

Mask  applied onto the canvas painted in use of acrylics,again in use of available sources and different techniques.
( 5 pictures below taken by Sayed Asif Mahmud )

More experiment in use of  different interactions,now I decided to created a completely new character, pictures below are taken of  myself with a face mask of my friend. My aim is to present happiness and joy.

My experimentation process involving casting people faces turned into very fascinating journey of different application and varieties of styles. It was the first time I introduced camera as mean of  expression . I believe I have managed to present different emotions starting from sadness, loneliness moving to happy and joy.

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