Wednesday, 21 September 2011

 I am obsessed with the Sea
It Light and Its Breeze 
It Mesmerise You 
It Mesmerise Me 

Here is another painting presented is slightly different form. This time I wanted to capture the stages of its creation in order to understand its evolution.As we can see I approached it with slightly descriptive elements, introducing recognizable shapes and indicative colours. Piece is inspired by time I spent by the sea. 
Easy and relaxing days surrounded by beauty of nature inspired me to capture the peaceful state I found myself at that point. 
It is interesting how picture evolve form one stage to another, just like emotion itself . I can define stages where the emotion of peace and relaxation shifted and moved to a state where I became more concious of  its changes and in effect the end of its journey. The shape of the boat may as well be the shape of the confine. It may suggest a state of  emotional journey but the end of it at the same time. 
People tent to describe this painting as very intriguing. Intriguing indeed. 

Far Far away 
in a distant land

Her is a little 12inches by 9inches painting on canvas. This time done by a group of art students. We used acrylics applied by brushes and hands directly onto a surface. We tried to express the experiences, thoughts and emotions from that very  day. I wish we had a bigger canvas to start with as the small one gave much restriction in terms of  space. As I mentioned before I was curios how would the painting look if approached by a group of art focused people. Well, the outcome is clearly interesting but does it make a huge difference to expressive painting whatever there is a  artistic background to it or not?
This experiment clearly states that when it comes to abstract expression everyone is capable of doing so and the matter of knowledge, understanding of art itself doesn't play a huge role when talking "emotional intelligence". 

Be Loved my Love 
Be Loved my Man
I give You all
For Now and Then
No need to Run
No need to Hide 
It is all for Love 
It is all for Pride

This painting is much bigger to what I  did before. It measures 1m by 1m and it is on canvas. 
The idea behind this experiment was to capture feeling of being in love, expressing excitement and variety of emotions while being under the circumstance. I did this painting in collaboration with my parter. It was a bit challenging experiment because I have never worked so closely with other person. I thought I will take a lot of compromise to make it work in terms of aesthetics but  at the end it was very pleasant experience. Both of us put equal amount of work to its creation. What surprised me the most was the fact that even non-art focused person is capable of creating astonishing and emotionally engaging forms of art. Ever since creation of this project I could not stop thinking of the possible outcome of similar application with a bigger group of people but this time I wanted to approach it with art focused individuals. 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Experience of  hundred emotion
no place to go but explode
scratch, splash, wash and burn
no matter from which way
will always get there 
It is from the past but the future too 
 To deal with me 
To deal with you

Above piece represent my first approach to the self expression in painting.
I decided to go for a very expressive and fast mark making in order to catch each element of the state I was at that very point. Piece may seem all over the place, bit messy and confusing but that was exact how I felt back then. I approached it with a variety of equipment starting with acrylics, crayons, pastels, inks, marker pens, wax  and water, brushes, knifes and sponges. I tried to combined each media one with another just like emotions interacts with different states themselves . I also introduced variety of media applications such as splashes, scratches which in effect created some interesting textures and different dimensions. The overall experiment looks like a compresses wave of experiences into a single page.