Emotion & lens

Photographed by 

Photography project on relationship 

with many thanks to an artist.

It was an extreme experience letting complete stranger into my private life and relationship but it didn't take long when Asif  became best friends for life, who with I was not afraid discussing sensitive matters of emotion and relationship. 

 I have to admit it was quite a difficult time for me in terms of relationship when Asif appeared with his idea.
 I am always positive in taking part of  any art related projects so despite all difficulties I said yes and that is how our journey began. 
The project was to follow mine and my partner footsteps in everyday life and capturing those intimate moments.
Meeting Asif and being part of his project made me realized how important is to be open with inner thoughts and emotions to others in order to understand its reason, cause and purpose.
It helps to see the truth. It helps to live the truth and make right decisions in life.

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