Sunday, 20 November 2011


From Space to Space
we travel we gather
all of it out there
Curiousity its name

"Curiosity" is created in collaboration with two of my friends ( both illustration students). I wanted to express curiosity as another of motivation factors. I asked my friends to think of  the most curious subject they can imagine and surprisingly we all came with the say _ Cosmos_
This time the approach to the painting was less expressive and bit more figurative but again in use of acrylics on big canvas. 
The experience of this project was slightly different to what it was when working on abstract collaboration. At the beginning it seemed hard and challenging  to make elements work as whole piece, but at the end I think we learned how to find a similar language without compromising individual styles. 
This project made me realized that although very surreal, painting seems much easier for a viewer to read and find subject matter  than looking at abstract painting. Guess figurative painting is  more effective when it comes to message communication but is it as effective when it comes to evoking emotion? 
If I were to answer this question strictly form personal point of  view I would say no. 
It is always the matter of taste. 

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  1. With thanks to Tom and Shaz for collaboration.