Wednesday, 21 September 2011

 I am obsessed with the Sea
It Light and Its Breeze 
It Mesmerise You 
It Mesmerise Me 

Here is another painting presented is slightly different form. This time I wanted to capture the stages of its creation in order to understand its evolution.As we can see I approached it with slightly descriptive elements, introducing recognizable shapes and indicative colours. Piece is inspired by time I spent by the sea. 
Easy and relaxing days surrounded by beauty of nature inspired me to capture the peaceful state I found myself at that point. 
It is interesting how picture evolve form one stage to another, just like emotion itself . I can define stages where the emotion of peace and relaxation shifted and moved to a state where I became more concious of  its changes and in effect the end of its journey. The shape of the boat may as well be the shape of the confine. It may suggest a state of  emotional journey but the end of it at the same time. 
People tent to describe this painting as very intriguing. Intriguing indeed. 

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