Thursday, 8 September 2011

Experience of  hundred emotion
no place to go but explode
scratch, splash, wash and burn
no matter from which way
will always get there 
It is from the past but the future too 
 To deal with me 
To deal with you

Above piece represent my first approach to the self expression in painting.
I decided to go for a very expressive and fast mark making in order to catch each element of the state I was at that very point. Piece may seem all over the place, bit messy and confusing but that was exact how I felt back then. I approached it with a variety of equipment starting with acrylics, crayons, pastels, inks, marker pens, wax  and water, brushes, knifes and sponges. I tried to combined each media one with another just like emotions interacts with different states themselves . I also introduced variety of media applications such as splashes, scratches which in effect created some interesting textures and different dimensions. The overall experiment looks like a compresses wave of experiences into a single page. 

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